3D Exhibits: Customer Experience Center

3D Exhibits: Customer Experience Center

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3D Exhibits designs and creates custom trade show exhibits, branded environments and corporate events. They approached Definition 6 to provide content for a client’s brand new Customer Experience Center (CEC). The work would include video production, software development and digital signage content creation. The project presented several unique challenges. First, the client’s headquarters was located in Milwaukee, WI. Second, the hardware composition of the CEC was in flux through the first half of the project calendar. Third, the client’s brand identity was diffused across 24 distinct brand lines covering a diverse range of markets. Finally, the client utilized a content management system that Definition 6 would need to integrate any new content within. This CMS was not designed to accommodate the types of content we would need to produce, requiring Definition 6 to write new application modifications.

Definition 6 successfully produced:

  • • (6) 2-3 min brand identity videos for multi-panel StoryWall.
  • • Developed iPad software to provide custom control of StoryWall.
  • • Architected, Designed & Programmed an 120+ product Innovation Station software application presented on a multi touch screen interface.
  • • Integrated the Innovation Station application with existing client CMS while providing additional custom administration tools.
  • • (4) digital signage content assets for 24 hour playback.

Beyond the successful execution of the project, Definition 6 has opened up a new relationship with 3D Exhibits while demonstrating our continued high level of performance in the experiential space.

The Ask

StoryWall: Custom content will be designed and formatted to span across all 4 screens (4320×1920) to create one large canvas to showcase Badger Meter Experiences. To create a Mobile App on the Apple iOS platform that will control a custom digital signage playback system consisting of 4x 1920×1080 screens mounted vertically.

Innovation Stations: To create an interactive program, featuring 120+ products, in an intimate touch screen experience formatted within a portrait aspect HD screen.

Administrator Access: A custom admin toolset will be built to allow the user to update product assets featured within the Innovation Stations. The interface will include a preview to show the user the new layout prior to publishing to the innovation stations.

CMS: A custom Content Management System will host the asset management of the Innovation Stations, pulling assets from the pre-existing .NET database as needed, and pushing new assets from the administrator to the Innovation Stations.

Exterior LED Display Content: To create animated content for the three LED Displays, including water falling from the top of the column to the bottom, oil flowing down the column, green gas bubbling from the bottom of the column to the top, fiery blue gas rising from the bottom of the column to the top.

Production Strategy

Definition 6 designed an aggressive multi-stage production strategy that leveraged our core competencies (production, application development & brand communication) with a dynamic and agile client communication process.

An interesting component of the project was our role as educator. Definition 6 provided crucial technical, brand identity and logistical information to the client throughout every stage of the project. A focus on transparency, candor and technical acumen resulted in a client-vendor relationship built on a firm foundation of trust.


Definition 6 developed iPad software to provide custom control of multi-screen playback of the StoryWall. Definition 6 produced 6 videos for display in the 4320 x 1920 StoryWall.

  • • Badger Meter Overview: The history of badger meter as a company, and a broad view of where badger meter has come from.
  • • Water Utility Products: The importance of water, its scarcity, and the reasons behind needing to measure this resource and an emphasis on sustainability (Ever Drop Counts).
  • • Flow Instrumentation Products: The general history of our Industrial product line, some of our products, how it’s made and where they are used in the world.
  • • Sustainability Initiatives: The general history of our Utility product line, some of our products, how it’s made and where they are used in the world.
  • • How It’s Made: A “day in the life” video tracing the manufacture of a signature product from molten iron to finished consumer product.
  • • Screensaver: A loopable call to action, inviting the CEC visitor to watch the collection of videos.

Innovation Station

The centerpiece of the CEC are the 4 Innovation Stations – interactive touch screen kiosks, featuring 120+ product descriptions, industry overviews and product videos presented in a custom application designed and developed by Defintion 6.

The system draws from a corporate-wide CMS used for trade shows, corporate websites and field sales. The Innovation Stations required customized content and the associated admin tools, also developed by Definition 6.



Definition 6 was tasked with integrating all new content creation assets within an existing CMS managing the client’s current digital online presence. Custom functionality, written to ingest, manage and publish content, was developed, tested and deployed by Definition 6 in cooperation with the original CMS developers. Upon completion and deployment, Definition 6 provided on-site client training for managing the new content and content controls.

LED Display

3D Exhibits utilized Barco v16 LED panels for the exterior digital signage installation. The content creation challenge for Definition 6 lay in the lack of simulation tools available to test design. We responded by crafting a 3D simulation system, accurate to 2mm, to enable our designer the ability to prototype different animations to find the optimal results.

Definition 6 ultimately delivered 4 looping industrial fluid animations that are active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, Definition 6 consulted on the administration tool integration utilizing the SEDNA control system.

The Future

With the overwhelming success of Phase I, Definition 6 is now working with the client to explore the next generation of customer experiences. Proposed initiatives include:

  • • Virtual Reality product inspection
  • • VR Trade Show customer education
  • • Augmented/Virtual Reality Manufacturing Training
  • • Interactive Product Usage Presentations

Interactive 360° view:

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